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I wrote this 6 months ago. Caused a bit of an uproar in my personal journal.

Nine Years, Nine Minutes

When you plant a flower, you're really doing one of two things: giving it a place to grow, or burying it in its grave.

My car broke down today. Well, it didn't break down. It just started sputtering, and the service engine soon light came on. Big, red, staring me in my face as if to say, "Yeah, your car's old and it's gonna die soon." Thanks. So I took it up to the closest service station. $75 bucks an hour. What the crap. I dunno how I'm gonna pay that. Though at this point, that doesn't matter. Everything's so messed up now. You see, I had no ride back from the auto shop place, so I had to walk. It's about a mile and a half, so I thought, well, I don't have to walk it alone. I decided to take my dog along. She was happy, so happy, to get out of the house and get a walk. She was really confused when I put her in the car and took her somewhere she'd never been, but no matter. I went, turned in my key, took her out of my car, and we started our walk back home. This place is across the expressway from my house, but still not too far. It's right by an intersection, too, so we just had to walk over the bridge, and we were back on familiar ground for her. We started across the street, and she ran. She ran hard. The leash was yanked from my hands. I called out to her, and thankfully, she stopped when she got across. She scared me half to death. I checked her leash, made sure it was on right, so she couldn't get away, and went to pick up my end of it. But it wasn't there. A semi drove by, and got the leash stuck in one of its wheels. I stared at my dog, in my arms, and everything flashed before my eyes. I didn't know what to think. The semi kept driving, taking the leash with it. The leash, in turn, yanked my dog from my grasp. I had to let go. The choke collar was tight on her neck, and growing even tighter. If I hadn't let go, her head would have come right off. I had to let go in the hopes that she would live. The truck kept driving, leaving me dead in my tracks. She tried to get free, but the leash held on too tight, dragging her along the pavement at 40 miles an hour. Her fur on her underside tore off, blowing around in the wake of the truck. I saw a paw come free, torn by the pavement. I wanted to scream at the truck, tell it to stop, but nothing came out. Just a choked sob. My feet were cemented into the sidewalk. Watching the truck drive further away, I saw a large white object bounce free from the leash. A car stopped behind it. A man got out to look at it, shook his head. Then he saw me. I couldn't even cry. It was 12:09.
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Wow. That's... really moving.